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Hello. Della. 16. Gemini. A girl living her life by the computer and has to live up to her parents' standards. Running after handsome korean men. In love with EXO OT12. A fellow loyal KissMe. A hardcore Baekyeol shipper. Feel free to talk to me because I am not a dinosaur.


dont you hate when you accidentally tie one shoe tighter than the other and you have to redo your entire life?


sometimes i remember that like white people dont eat rice that often like sometimes they have meals that are just meat and vegetables and its like??? wheres the rice??? what are you doing??? your plate isnt complete??? 


no kissing emoticon before marriage



remember last summer when american eagle had that modelling contest where you submit your picture to get votes and if you get into the top 20 votes your picture is displayed at times square in new york

i submitted this photo of me about to sneeze


i placed 12th and i was on the times square billboard for two weeks

i hate each and every single one of you all


sorry mom i cant babysit i have a photo shoot todayimage